April 17 2018

This year seems to be flying past and it will soon be summer before we know it! The start of the year is generally very busy in the business world, with new strategies for the year ahead and different objectives to help your business to have a successful year. If you haven’t had time to think about your digital marketing strategy just yet, then don’t worry because we can get you up to speed with the current trends so you can concentrate on the strategies and techniques that get results.

So whether you are a small business looking for a bit of a marketing boost on a small budget or the marketing expert for a large company, there are some highly effective digital marketing trends to help you out this year:

Content Marketing

Content has always had a huge part to play in digital marketing but more people are starting to see the value of using high quality, well-planned content for their digital marketing. Content is the key to gaining more customers by enticing them with high quality information that serves a purpose for them. Getting your content marketing right can significantly impact your conversion rates so it is worthwhile putting time and effort into.

Also, great web page content is loved by search engines, so if you want to boost your SEO, your content is a great place to start. Aside from being able to use some of the most effective SEO content strategies such as keywords, the quality of your content is also going to help your website rank higher. How you use landing page content is also really influential on conversion rates and if you can perfect your call to action and associated text then you could see some really quick and impressive results. Choosing the right format for your content is also crucial, with lots of consumers preferring to watch video content, for example.


Did you know that the second biggest search engine after Google is YouTube? People enjoy watching videos online, whether they are on Facebook looking through their timeline for funny videos, or they are looking for information about a product or service that they are interested in. Video content engages with an audience in a way that other formats simply can’t. Research shows that using video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by a massive 80%! So video content is going to do wonders for your website and now you have everything you need to record a video with your smartphone or tablet. There is also plenty of free video editing software that you can use to add effects and cut your video down.

As well as creating and using pre-recorded videos, live video streams are becoming very effective for marketers. Both YouTube and Facebook have easy to use live video functionality, that when used well, can be a really powerful marketing tool. Understanding what your target audience wants to see and also how to create engaging video content is really vital. Video testimonials are really good to add onto business websites to encourage people to use your services or buy your products, as people like to know that others recommend products before they commit to buying.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

You will no doubt have already seen the cute filters that people have been using on various social media platforms, the ones with the animal ears etc. The popularity has been phenomenal and this is just showing one small possibility of what can be done with AR. Marketers will be looking at new ways to sell their products or services by making the most out of AR and VR capabilities. For example, DIY shops provide tools where you can upload a picture of your room and it will show you what a certain paint colour will look like on your wall. Providing virtual tours of houses, office buildings etc. will be used by estate agents and many other forms of AR and VR will be tried and tested.

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