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7 Features Every Successful Ecommerce Website Must Have

With Christmas fastly approaching, and ecommerce store owners desperate to cash in on the surge in sales, there are a number of essential features that every ecommerce store needs.

In this blog post we have detailed the 7 features every successful eCommerce website needs.

1. Customer incentives
Sometimes we all need that extra incentive to make a purchase online, whether it be a freebie or a discount code. Offer first time customers a discount on their first purchase. If your website sells a generic product that is available from many other stores, you need to give the customer a reason to buy from you – an added discount could definitely do the trick! Not only will they feel incentivised by the additional discount offering, but they will feel valued as a customer and will begin to remember your brand – this could lead to word of mouth advertisement.

2. Product reviews
Product reviews are the easiest way to win over a potential buyer’s trust. Seeing others enjoy your product will make new customers even more willing to buy from you. But – make sure your reviews are honest, genuine and of course… real. Encourage customers to add an image to their review – showing them use the product, this will boast authenticity and may be enough to sway the customer to purchase.

3. Crips product photos & detailed description
Online marketing is all about the visuals. Customers want to know exactly what they are getting for their money. Getting a professional to photograph your product will definitely be evident on your product pages and will make your website look much more crisp and clean. Product images help your customers to analyse your product in more detail and find out any additional information. Partner these images with a clear, detailed description and your customer will be heading straight to checkout!

4. Relevant Information
Websites can vary depending on the niche, but there are some pages that every eCommerce website must display:

  • FAQ’S
  • Delivery information
  • Terms & conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Returns & exchnage

As well as gaining additional trust with your potential buyer, it helps to protect your company too – having displayed the relevant information to be read by all visitors.

5. Secure checkout
As an ecommerce business, it’s likely that you will be accepting payments online. You need to make sure that the checkout process is secure, and your customers details are safe. You need a valid SSL certificate installed on your website which will encrypt data keep all information secure. Most customers will recognise the SSL and be re-assured per say, increasing their chances of purchasing.

6. Mobile phone responsiveness
Everybody is shopping on the go, using their mobile phones. You must ensure your website is responsive on all devices and optimised for mobile phones too. A responsive website will adapt its viewing to fit a mobile phone screen and make for a stress-free shopping experience.

7. Fast load time
With our busy lives in hand, nobody has time to wait when it comes to a website loading speed. If your website doesn’t load fast enough, you risk potential customers exiting your site and purchasing from a competitor. To ensure this, you need to choose a reputable hosting company.

There you have it! 7 simple methods to help boost your eCommerce site and sales this Christmas! If you’d like to discuss an eCommerce web build, feel free to contact me here

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