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5 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

Your website is your most powerful marketing asset, especially if you want to rank your website high on Google.

When your website isn’t optimised or performing as good as you’d expect, it may be time to give your web design a complete refresh. I have put together 5 signs that might mean your website needs a complete revamp…

1. Inconsistent branding
As your target audience and general market changes, it’s very common for businesses to change their branding to align. If this is the case, it’s very important that your website offers the same look and feel throughout, that is updated with your latest branding concepts.

Having a consistent brand will really help you build your brand awareness and build trust with potential customers who visit your website. If your website visitors feel confident in your brand, then they will be much more likely to convert into a lead or sale.

2. Hard to navigate
I’ve mentioned before how crucial navigation is on a website. An easy to navigate website allows customers to move around your site freely and find exactly what they are looking for. If your site is difficult to navigate around, it may cause confusion or frustration with your website visitors leading to a high bounce rate and ultimately a loss of sales. Navigation is an integral part of a customer’s user experience and should definitely be incorporated into your web design planning.

3. Your website isn’t responsive
According a recent survey, over 60% of all Google traffic comes through a mobile device. This suggests why Google has now incorporated mobile responsiveness as a leading rank factor when it comes to web design in Peterborough. Mobile responsiveness means that your site can be adjusted for different screen types and sizes, and that your content is aligned.

A great way to check if your website is mobile responsive is to use Googles simple mobile-friendly testing tool that will run a quick check over your website and if you’re not happy with your result… it may be time to contact me for help!

4. Low Conversion Rates
Website traffic is great but if they aren’t converting, then it’s meaningless. If your website is struggling to convert sales or generate leads, it will most likely have some key on-page elements missing, that could really enhance your performance. The missing elements in your web design could include customer reviews, CTA’S and high-quality content. If you’re traffic isn’t converting on your site, it’s most likely they will be on a competitor’s site – so you need to act fast!

5. Your competitors have refreshed
Every business should be keeping an eye on their competitors, as it helps to keep you up to date with industry trends and may give you some good web design inspiration. If you’re looking at your competitor’s website, then I’m sure your customers will be too. So, if their website is easier to use, cleaner and highly optimised, then you could be at a huge disadvantage if yours isn’t.

If your web design is lacking in comparison to your competitors, then you could be missing out on a lot of sales – so it’s’ definitely time to look at giving your site a refresh.

If you have started thinking ‘yes’ to any of the above signs, then don’t worry I’m here to help. Contact me today and I can help move your website forward and grow your business.

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