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5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

You could have the best website ever, but if no-one is visiting it, then what’s the point? It all comes down to getting traffic to your site, and potential customers in front of your product or service. Many people are disappointed when they work hard to create a stunning website, but realise that they don’t seem to be getting much traffic each month. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the content isn’t good enough, or your design isn’t right – it just means that you aren’t carrying out the required steps to draw new traffic to your site.

In this guide, you will find out the best ways to boost your website traffic and generate new leads for your business.

Get involved with social media
Social media is the basis of marketing nowadays. For most businesses, this is their best source of traffic. The best part of it, is that if your brand produces good content – it’ not impossible to go viral and reach a tremendous amount of new potential customers. To do this most effectively, focus on posting consistently and creating a community around you page – and link the content back to your website or blog. Give your followers a call to action- such as ‘visit our website for more information’ or ‘sign up on our website’ which prompts more people to visit your site.

Produce Engaging Content
In order to drive more traffic to your website, you need to cult a community around your brand. The best way to do so is producing engaging content that will benefit your audience. Do some research about the demographics of your target audience and learn what content resonates with them. Try to cater your content specifically to their interests and needs – producing informative content that will advise the on topics relevant to them. This will definitely encourage more people to look at your website, and do so much more closely.

Use Paid Ads
A great way to reach a huge number of new people online is through paid ads – especially via social media. In fact, this technique can actually be rather inexpensive if done correctly. Social media paid ads are increasingly becoming a very effective way to drive big numbers of traffic to your website. Social media is a great way to showcase your brands best advertisements to a wide audience, and best of all… you can tailor the ad sets to only reach your desired target customers.

Network with relevant bloggers
The blog space is growing every day, and there are professional bloggers in every niche. Whether you want to start your own blog or drive traffic to your site through other bloggers in your space, networking is absolutely crucial. Networking can lead to one very important thing in the blogging space: guest posts. You can guest post for other bloggers, who already have a strong, existing following, and this will drive their traffic to your website. It’s important to make sure you are guest posting for sites that are in your specific niche, so that all new traffic is relevant and have an interest in your content. Guest posts also have a huge positive impact on the SEO of your website, as you are creating back-links to other authoritive sites – which builds your consumer trust and therefore tells Google that your site is trustworthy.

Utilise the power of E-mail
E-mail marketing is such a powerful tool. In fact, for many e-commerce businesses, this is their go-to marketing strategy for generating sales. If you are consistently pushing out relevant and engaging email content to your mail list, this will lead to a great source of website traffic. Emails can help you stay in touch with your customers, by letting them know what you are working on, any special offers and what is coming up. By emailing your subscribers regularly, it’s a good way to keep your brand at the forefront of their mind – and ensures that they never forget about you! A top tip is to use catchy email headlines and try to keep your emails short & sweet – and always have a link to your website!

The ultimate goal for everybody that owns a website is to get more traffic, right? Although sometimes it can feel impossible, increasing your website traffic is actually quite easy if you follow a consistent strategy and use the most effective marketing techniques. As a business, you must be committed to pushing out high-quality content, with the knowledge that over time, this will help to increase your flow of website traffic. Stay focused on creating great content and work hard to add links back to your website – you will be surprised at just how quickly (and easily) you will see your new visitors increase.

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