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A Website Quote Shouldn’t Increase Throughout The Build Process

We often have clients say to us “wow, I thought this project would cost so much more than that!” when we provide them with a quote. The truth is, a website doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. We understand that you may not be looking for the “best website” in your industry, you may just be looking to gain on online presence by having 5 or so pages of content explaining who you are, what you do and how to contact you! And these kind of builds really shouldn’t cost you much money!

But it’s very easy for a web developer to produce a higher quote than you’d like or even expect! It’s also possible for the original quote to keep increasing throughout the build process! And here’s some of the points that can lead to this…

  1. Being unclear with your brief
    You may have spoken with a web developer and said “I really like these websites and they’re exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for!” and you may have been referring to the colours, layout or just general usability, however, a web developer will then delve into the examples you provide and find that they have videos, an exit pop, animations…all little extras that you weren’t necessarily looking for but end up increasing the developers quote straight away!In a similar way, the example sites you provide may be missing certain elements you require! So, the web developer will produce a quote, it gets accepted, they start the job and then somewhere during the project you may say “well actually, I also need X, Y and Z adding” which would then increase the original quote.The simple rule here is, be as clear as you can be with your brief and the goals you hope to achieve by having a website and ensure any quote you receive provides all of the elements you’re looking for from your web build.
  2. Timing is key
    You may be aware that you’re current website is crashing, maybe you have a trade show approaching and you realise a new website may prove beneficial for the show…but other things pop up, take priority and the web build gets forgotten entirely! Until…your current website crashes completely or the trade show now happens to only be a week away! So you’re now in a rush to get a new website live, you contact a web developer and explain your situation and, in a panic, don’t necessarily consider all of the elements you’d wanted to add! The web developer provides a quote and completes the build to match the provided brief but then you very quickly realise some of the elements you’d originally planned on having, are missing because you’d forgotten to mention them! These elements now end up increasing the bill because they weren’t part of the original quote.The simple rule here is to take your time when you’re coming up with your brief. Make sure you consider all of the elements that you’re looking for to achieve your goals from this web build, this way a web developer will be able to provide you with a clear quote that then shouldn’t keep increasing throughout the build process.
  3. Be sure to know what you’re looking for
    Every now and again a web developer is given a project and goes on to produce a mock-up of the build that’s then approved by the client. The web developer then carries out this build but half way through the project the client changes their mind and decides the original mock-up wasn’t really what they’re after…now this doesn’t necessarily mean the developer has to start totally from scratch again but it does mean there’s certainly now added work and added time to the project. Due to this, the web developer has no choice but to ask for more money than originally quoted.The simple rule here is, once you see the original mock-up, take your time deciding if it’s exactly what you’re after. Remember to be honest, even if you hate the mock-up, let the web developer know. This is your business and your dream, the website should always match your expectations, not the developers.

If you stick to these simple rules, then the original quote you’re given shouldn’t increase through the build process. Always be clear, allow enough time to understand and explain what you’re looking for and always be honest, if something isn’t to your liking let the developer know as soon as possible to avoid added work and time.

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