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How Email Campaigns Can Generate New Business

Out with the old and in with the new, that’s what they say. But how true is this in the world of today for businesses that sell to customers online? Well, keeping up to date with growing trends and the latest social media platforms is one thing, but ensuring we have the core basics in place is absolutely vital.

In a world surrounded by digital, it’s vital to ensure that your business utilises every possible resource online in order to gain the biggest advantage over competitors.

Email list building and campaigns have been around for years and years, yet they have stood the test of time and prove over and over again just how significant they are when it comes to generating new business!

What’s so good about email campaigns?

• Marketing that is targeted: you can customise your emails to your customer’s individual wants, needs, requirements, purchase history, age, gender, location… the list is endless! This level of targeting can push great conversion rates.

• Seeing an immediate response: as your list grows, you will find that you begin to see results within minutes of sending out your emails. For example, a 24-hour sale is a fantastic marketing strategy, creating a sense of urgency that leads to immediate action being taken.

• Continuous improvement, time and time again: with email marketing, you can see what’s working well and what needs refining. Using smart email marketing software you can often track click-through rates and conversion rates. You can also see the direct effect that your efforts are having. Don’t worry if you aren’t entirely confident; we can help you with this.

• Impulse buying – because who doesn’t? Email marketing allows you to take advantage of the use of tempting calls to action. You can move your reader from the viewing of a lucrative offer in their inbox – to the checkout basket on your website – in two clicks. Powerful.

Top tips for creating a successful email campaign

It’s all well and good telling how great they are – but not so good if you’re a little stuck on how to go about things initially. So, we’ve put together some quick-fire tips for you to get started:

1. Establish your goals and reasons: this blog is about using email campaigns to generate new business. However, you may also want to use them to build rapport with current customers or create awareness about a new product pre-launch. Whatever your goals are, make sure they’re clear as you can use these to measure the levels of your success. If you’re a little unsure about your goals, have a chat with us and we’ll help you prioritise.

2. Then move on to building your list: you can import a list of all your past and current customers. However, ensure that you have permission to email them first! Advertising the option for your customers to opt-in through your website can also attract a great deal of people if you:
 Offer discounts or free postage if they subscribe: this can be a great way to build your list, but also offers a huge incentive for them to make a purchase too. Works well for new and existing customers.
• Hook them with your content: use your blog to entice readers to read more, then offer them more amazing yet exclusive content that is only available by signing up to your newsletter.

3. Choose the type of campaign or email you want to send: there is a range of options you can choose, dependent on your goals.
• Newsletter: if keeping in touch with current customers is of great importance, a newsletter with links back to your website and products are the ideal option. This can build rapport with new or potential customers too, leading to future sales.
• Marketing offer: if you want to push a special offer or promote a promotional price, these email campaigns are perfect for boosting sales. Remember to use a call to action!
• Announcement: from new products or services to a new website launch, these email campaigns are very useful in keeping your audience engaged and up-to-date. This often drives people to your website.

If you don’t use email lists and campaigns at the moment, then you are potentially missing out on new customers each and every day. Email lists can also keep your past customers coming back to your website again and again. The Christmas period is a fantastic time to collect emails and build your list, so don’t miss out!

Still confused? Need help? Then get in touch with us today and we’ll set up your email list for you right away

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