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How Can Social Media Benefit Your Business?

Whether you’re a start­up, small or large business, social media can be of great benefit to the majority of businesses if you use it correctly. Where so many businesses fail is through using social media as another one­way communicator to their audience, which in fact it isn’t at all how it should be used. Social media is all about the two­way interaction between a brand and its target audience ­ so the key is to understand if your audience are on social media at all and if so, which platform they are on as there’s no point you being on the wrong one or wasting your budget being active on them all.

So, here are our 5 top questions you need to be able to answer on behalf of your business in order to succeed on social media:

1. What you are going to talk about other than just your product?
2. How can you differentiate yourself from your competitors?
3. What resources do you have to be active on your social channels daily?
4. Which channels are your audience on?
5. What time of the day is your audience online and how do they like to communicate?

The one bit of crucial advice we can give you is to not think of social media as a last minute add on. The trick is to think about social media as the same as your other marketing communication initiatives. It takes time and a lot of effort to get it right but once you do, you’ll notice many benefits to your business. We’ve compiled some of the key benefits below to give you a flavour for why social media is so crucial to your business.

In­depth audience insight allowing for a targeted approach

Through a whole host of tools and platforms, you can get to know your audience inside out. From their age, gender, engagement levels, location to interests. This means you can begin to segment your audience and target tailored content to each demographic for better results.

Reach a wider audience to increase traffic

When your content resonates with your audience, you’ll find that they will in turn share it with their friends, family or colleagues. In doing so, you will extend the amount of people you reach, meaning increased brand awareness, social media followers and in turn traffic to site.

Get instant feedback and react accordingly

The beauty of social media is that it is in real­time and unlike any other marketing communications channel, allows for you to gain instant feedback from a targeted audience. Be sure to know that they will tell you if they like something or don’t! However, even if negative it means if you react quickly and efficiently you can turn a negative into a positive very quickly and increase your brand loyalty and retention as a result.

Search for patterns in key conversations to get ahead of your competitors

On all channels, there is the ability to search for conversations and similarly there are many tools available that allow you to do the same in different levels of detail. What is good about this is that as a brand you can get ahead of your competitors through cleverly identifying what your customers needs, desires or pain points are and create content, products or services that deliver just that.

Assists with your search rankings From an SEO perspective social media can really do wonders

The more a piece of content is shared, this will broaden your reach and therefore widen up the amount of people who click on relevant links and head to your website. In return, this will do wonders for your SEO, which in layman’s terms mean your rankings will go up. Page one, here we come! So there we have it ­ the benefits of social media for your business can be vast when you get it right and resonate well with your audience. Stay true to your brand and ensure a responsive two­way interaction in order to get ahead of the game. If you need any help with your social media, get in touch with us today ­ we’d be more than happy to help or can provide consultancy to get you started or simply back on track.

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