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6 Reasons To Give Your Website Some Love

Have you updated your website recently? If your answer is no then the good news is you are with the larger majority of organisations. However, the bad news is, that’s not a good thing!

Perhaps one of the most over-looked elements in most businesses is the fact that once you have your new, shiny website up and running, you then have to update and maintain it over time to get the best results.

The fact of the matter is, if you don’t update your website to keep up with the changing Google best practices, optimising towards its algorithms, improving tech or content on-site then you are potentially putting a barrier between you and your potential business revenue. To rectify this is simple – show your website some love, and you’ll start to improve your return on investment. Essentially, it will love you back!

Here are 6 reasons you should be giving your website some love on a monthly basis through regular updates and maintenance.

1) Keep up with the times!
We all know technological advances are very frequent and therefore you as an organisation need to ensure you allow for your website to evolve and keep up with current technology. Making small improvements over time is a cost-effective, rewarding tactic that will ensure you don’t need to break the bank to stay ahead of the competitive landscape. Thinking about the effort vs reward priority list, this is one that will pay many rewards and if you maintain regularly, quite minimal effort.

2) Making the right impression to your potential customers
A first impression really matters and often in the digital space, your website is the first place a potential customer will meet your brand. You therefore want to ensure that content is fresh and technology is the best it can be to allow for an excellent customer journey.

3) Ensure relevant content on site to keep your customer informed
There’s no point your website being there at all if it’s out of date! Make sure you have relevant content on site that is up to date, allows your customers to contact you easily and plays to their needs through ensuring it is an informative and trusting site. Through this type of content and an easy customer journey, it will allow for you to develop a stronger relationship with your audience, which will build loyalty and in turn convert into customers and returning customers. If they love the content on site, they’ll become real brand ambassadors through talking positively about your brand to sharing your content with others.

4) Drive more traffic to site through increasing your search engine rankings
The higher you are in the search engine rankings (SERPs), the more traffic you’ll begin to receive. The thing you need to know is that search engine’s love you to adhere to tech advancements on site and provide fresh, relevant content to your business.

On the other hand, if your website isn’t updated regularly the search engine’s may not think your business is active anymore so will stop crawling your site and therefore rankings may begin to drop, particularly for your important keywords. So, a word of advice – don’t let that happen!

5) Keep security and bug fixes up to date
This may not be one you consider at first, but it is perhaps one of the most important elements! If you avoid updating your website you could be running the risk of getting hacked. These hackers will attempt to upload bugs and computer viruses to your website which will mean that potentially if a customer visits your site, this will be passed onto their computer also. By simply keeping content management systems updated, it will ensure you’re protected against any security or bug issues.

6) Test and learn through Google Analytics
Monitoring your website and marketing activity is really key to success. Using tools like Google Analytics will ensure you can test what piece of marketing resonates with your audience, drives them to site and encourages them to convert. Once you start using this more, you can really begin to make changes to improve effectiveness and continue to improve traffic to site.
Updating and maintaining your website is really key and we couldn’t recommend it more! Just by giving your website that little bit of love will ensure you see more traffic to site, which means more people are seeing your products or services and in return more chances of conversion.

We love giving a whole range of websites that little bit of love – whether it’s building you a new one to regular updates. Don’t sit here and struggle with all this information alone, give us a call today and let’s get your website back on track!

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