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5 Reasons Every Small Business Should Have A Website

A few years ago, small business websites weren’t seen as very important. However, with huge strides in technology being made and the digital world we now live in – having a website is a must for all small businesses.

Your online presence will not be limited to business hours, and it’s one of the best and most effective medias of advertisement.

There are many reasons why your small business needs a website, and below I have listed the most important 5:

1. Your customers expect it
As technology continues to grow, digital-savvy customers want to be able to find you and your business online. Most consumers want to be able to find information about your business from your company website, in order to inform their purchasing decisions. Whether it’s on a phone, laptop or desktop almost everybody is online, meaning there is a huge amount of people looking for services online, which could be yours. If your small business doesn’t have a website, you could be missing out on an enormous opportunity and your potential customers will most likely go elsewhere (your competitors’ website!).

2. Increased Availability
Your business can’t be open 24/7, but your website can! A website is available around the clock to provide information to potential customers, who might be searching for your product or service when you’re asleep. Having a website allows your business to be much more accessible and can bring in new customers out of your normal business hours. An online presence can lead to a dramatic increase in sales and leads, especially when you think about the global audience you will be able to reach.

3. Build Your Credibility
First impressions really do count and having a well-designed website will instantly make your business look more professional. When a potential customer is able to easily visit your website, it helps to build trust and credibility between them and your business.  A website is the perfect place to provide visitors with useful content that will help establish your business as a leader in its niche. By providing value packed content and helpful articles, you’re able to build a strong brand that customers trust and want to engage with.

4. Attract Local Customers
Although a website is the perfect opportunity to reach a global audience – it’s an essential tool for reaching local customers too. A huge number of google searchers are people looking for nearby services, whether it be a local store, a car garage or other service business. With the power of a website and local SEO, your business
can show up for relevant local searches and also appear on Google maps!

5. You can clearly showcase your products and services
Small business websites act like a digital brochure, where you can share up to date information about the products and services that you offer. By sharing high-quality images of your work, small business websites are a great place to show potential customers what to expect if they chose to work with your company. Make sure that you have a contact form for customers to easily get in touch with you, if they are impressed with what they see!

So, with this information in mind, if you find yourself needing a small business website please get in touch so we can discuss your project in more detail! You can also get in touch with me on Facebook.

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