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E-commerce at Christmas

Even Amazing Business Ideas Struggle To Be Successful Without The Support Of Great Web Design (& The Best Web Designers)

The Importance Of Web Design

With more than 1.94 billion active websites available online, competition for potential customers’ attention has never been more fierce. What’s more, with so many beautifully designed websites out there, consumers’ expectations for web design — even locally-based and local-business web design — have never been higher. For example, 75% of site visitors judge the credibility of a brand (and the quality of its services and products) based on the attractiveness and usability of its web design; what’s more, two out of three people actively prefer to read (and purchase from) sites that have “beautiful” web design. Keep reading to find out what that means for your business’ success this Christmas!

The 3 Biggest Benefits Of Having The Best Web Design This Holiday Season

  • Great web design is never more important than during the holiday season. The biggest online shopping trends for Christmas 2019 — including shoppers starting earlier than ever, being less tolerant (or forgiving) of negative online experiences, and making more in-store purchases based on online research — all rely on having the best (most updated) web design. Given that more than three-quarters of consumers prefer to do their Christmas shopping online, having well-designed web design that includes e-commerce capabilities is a must.

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  • Holiday shoppers are making more in-store purchases, but doing more online research. One of the biggest benefits of great web design is increased visibility among potential customers. Notably, about 82% of customers use online searches to inform in-store purchases. Plus, today’s shoppers are 15 times more likely to modify a search to include the term “near me” than they were in 2003. As a result, 78% of “near me” searches lead to an in-store purchase, with 50% leading to a same-day purchase. That means web design that increases search ranking and site visits is still all-important, yet having locally-linked and locally-informed web design is the best way to stand apart from other brick-and-mortar stores in Bourne and the surrounding areas.
  • Having the best web design means having the best profit margins. Businesses should aim to spend less than one-third of a customer’s total purchase in efforts to acquire (attract) and convert them. Yet poor web design can drive up acquisition costs and hugely limit the lifetime total value of each customer (by making them hesitant to purchase, resistant to upsell, unlikely to return, and reticent in their recommendations). This imbalance between acquisition/conversion costs and customer lifetime value is the single greatest killer of local businesses. That’s why the best web design nurtures customer relationships and customer retention, increasing loyalty (to increase lifetime value) and decreasing acquisition costs. As a result, businesses with the best web design are thirteen times more likely to see positive returns from their web development and marketing spend, and ultimately the largest profit margins, of any business in the area.

Having The Best Web Design Is About More Than Just Making Sales

Notably, it takes visitors about 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your business based on their experience on (and mostly the appearance of) your website. Moreover, nearly two out of five people will stop engaging with and/or abandon a purchase if the web design is unattractive or difficult to navigate, and even among the visitors who do convert to paying customers, nearly 60% won’t recommend your company if the web design doesn’t exceed expectations. This all illustrates the dire importance of great web design for business success. The best web design doesn’t just attract customers and ease purchasing decisions; it prevents a significant amount of loss in both direct sales and recommended purchases. Given that many businesses rely on holiday season sales to break even and make a profit for the fiscal year, having great web design (that’s tailored to holiday shopping trends) is essential to your business having a merry (rather than miserable) Christmas season!

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