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Why Logo Design Is So Important

Not having a great logo that represents your brand is a bit like going to a cocktail party in your joggers! Your logo is one of the most important elements to your business as it is the central point to not just your branding but also your company’s name, reputation and what will help you to attract new customers as well as differentiating you from the competitors in the market.

Looking at some of the most well-known businesses, you can see why they are so iconic and globally recognised. The thought and design that has gone into each and every one really forms the whole identity of each business and ensures it not only makes a statement, but also helps to tell the story to its customers about what it stands for.

Your logo really does say it all, it’s the face of your business. Whatever size, you need to impress from the off and build brand awareness with your target audience from the beginning. Here are several reasons you don’t want to just have a good logo, but instead you want to have an awesome logo that you are proud of and sets yourself apart from the rest.

1) Logo’s help to establish your brand identity
So you’ve done a fantastic job opening your business. Whether product or service-led, we know you’ll have a strong USP that sets yourself apart from your competitors. This should therefore be the same when it comes to the look and feel of your logo and design.

When people see an eye-catching logo whether on print or digital channels; it stands out and they remember it as a brand to investigate into further. Think of it as a mental shortcut to your company – if it doesn’t stand out, why would you expect anyone to remember it?

2) Image recognition is more powerful than text
Studies have proven that in today’s multimedia world, people recognise images faster than text. With so much content being churned out on a daily basis, you only have a couple of seconds to get the attention of your customers and stand out.

Image really is everything, if you’re not looking the part then you’re at risk of putting off new and existing customers, to another brand who have better overall branding.

3) The market is flooded with logos – stand apart from the rest!
Your logo needs to have a strong meaning to stand apart from your competitors in the market. Do you want it to be classic or modern? To have an image included or text only? Remember that on all marketing material, your logo will be present so you want the client to be able to instantly relate it to your company and not get it confused with any other logo. It’s not a decision that should be taken lightly.
So, it is most definitely worth investing time and thought into producing a great logo to be the face of your brand. If you do, your brand will stand out in the market and reap the rewards through increased brand awareness with your target audience.

Here at Dog & Pig Design we are here to help produce stand-out logos for your business. We ensure we ask you all the right questions at the beginning and work closely with you throughout the full process to ensure we end up with a logo that is well designed, stands out from competitors and you can be proud to go out there and really show it off! Get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you to discuss your logo requirements.

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